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Welcome to EbbnFlow Recording, the creative sanctuary sculpted by the talents of Jon Chesbro. Hailing from the bewitching city of Salem, MA, I am a multifaceted artist serving as a producer, singer-songwriter, and audio engineer. With a diverse array of projects under my belt, each venture is an exploration into the intricate dance between melody and emotion. Whether on stage, pouring my soul into every lyric, or behind the mixing desk, meticulously crafting sonic landscapes, I invite you into a realm where every note resonates as a brushstroke on the canvas of emotion. EbbnFlow Recording is more than a studio—it's a testament to the vibrant, evolving soundscape of New England, where passion and precision converge in perfect harmony.

Press / Reviews

Armed with his voice and guitar, Smith is backed by his trusted producer and longtime collaborator Jonathan Chesbro, who also mixed and mastered the album, as well as performing guitar on “Everyday”” - Michael Marotta


Chesbro’s solo effort Dryas, an album that the artist produced, mastered, and mixed every note of in addition to performing all its instrumentation, which reveals a multi-faceted and deeply layered body of work” - Jesse

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